How To Stay Sober Nowadays

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Deciding to be sober after years of drug or alcohol addiction is truly a significant step toward the rest of your life. It is one of the most important aspects of course because it is the one that can change your life a lot. It doesn’t matter how many times you go to rehab it will never stick unless you decide yourself that recovery is what you need and that you will, in fact, stay sober.

Relapses are all too frequent for people who struggle with sobriety. That doesn’t mean it has to happen though. Just because being sober is hard does not make it impossible. If you have relapsed, don’t worry. It is okay, and you can do this. It is sadly a fact that 90 percent of people who are in recovery have relapsed at least once. Let’s just try not to do it again.

Warning signs for a relapse actually start quite a while before the relapse happens. There are many causes to a relapse. What doesn’t help is if you don’t make any changes to your life and try to continue as before. Change is very important. You need new habits and behaviors.

Make Some Changes

People in recovery need to make changes. Life needs to feel new, exciting, and a little bit scary. If you want to live drug-free, then you can’t be around the same people and places that enabled you to use drugs before. This means giving up friends that you used to use drugs with. Hanging out with old drug friends does not mean sobriety will go well.

When you want to stay clean joining a support group as Narcotics Anonymous can really make all the difference. You can find new friends who are on the same path as you and are both understanding and supportive. You won’t feel judged and you won’t feel pressured, so it is a win-win situation.

If you have close family or other relationships now is a great time to buckle down and give attention to them. Activities with the family and other things to look forward to can genuinely help with sobriety.

Meaningful distractions can help remind you why it is vital for you to stay sober. A family should be important to you, and it can help fill your time as well to keep away any drug-seeking behaviors that may still linger.