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The Narcotic Anonymous Art Center in Avondale, Texas

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The Narcotic Anonymous Art Center in Avondale, Texas

Before Narcotics Anonymous I was a nobody. I was the addict on the street searching for his next fix you know? I didn’t know what life was without drugs. I used to be a dance teacher, can you believe it? Used to teach ballet and tap and jazz to all the cute little kids trying to figure out if it was their passion or their parents. No one would let me near kids anymore, and I can’t blame them.

It took fifteen years of wandering for me to give it up finally. Drugs controlled everything, and my body was wasting away. I and meth were close, and I finally decided I didn’t want us to be, though not before my teeth took all the damage. Yeah, meth mouth man, that stuff really sucks.

The Center really changed everything for me after rehab. I’ve done the stint before. The detox, the classes, the therapy. It just never stuck. I never had a reason good enough for it too or the drive. So when I found the Center and they had music and dance therapy, that really changed everything for me.

I did the classes a few times a week. At first, it was awful, and my bones creaked, and I was self-conscious every day. But you see, I could actually dance, and you could see it while other people looked crazy. If they could do it and feel comfortable then so could I.

I finally found a distraction from my drugs, and now I even help lead the dance therapy classes. It makes a huge difference to put your heart and soul into recovery and not just your mind. Without the Center, I don’t know if I really would have made it through this time and I am forever thankful.

–    Addie

I was never one for painting or sculpting or any of that stuff. Even as a kid my doodles never went beyond stick figures. Other people drew eyes and added noses, but not me, and I liked my lines simple.

When I first started art therapy at the Center, I was skeptical as heck. I was never good at art and what could I do now? But I took my love for the simple and transformed it, according to the therapists there.

I drew little comics and ideas without words that really said a lot with just a few lines. It ended up being just what I needed to express myself and take me away from my drug addiction.

–    Brandon.

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