The Penny Stinkers

The band hails from Bellingham and offers their own original music with an eclectic mix of Americana and Folk rock with a healthy mix of the unexpected. Besides creating original music, they play traditional folk, indie, cow punk, alt country and even some jazzier things!

Led by Jeffrey Slough, a consummate front man and true instigator. Jeffrey has a huge voice and the ability to inspire and involve the audience to foot stomping, hand clapping and generally having a great time.

J.D. Sinclair holds the bottom end on the doghouse double bass, electric and Ukulele bass J.D. is a bass walking fool who also sings harmony and is altogether fun.

Michael A. Handron Jr joins the Penny Stinkers on guitar and vocals. Michael has a great ear and floats on stage, seriously, he floats! Michael is steeped with a long and illustrious career in making faces on fans that go “what!”