Jake Marsh Trio

The Jake Marsh Trio is made up of three very talented musicians; Jake Marsh, Nigel Goodridge, and Bryan “BB” Seeley.

The group was formed in the Fall of 2006. Before the formation of the group they were all introduced to music in unique and diverse ways.

Former drummer and co-founding member, Blake Ehoff and Jake Marsh met in 2004 to do some recording. In 2006, they joined a Hip-Hop Group named Mohogany Brown as a background singer and drummer. This is where they would meet BB Seeley. Soon after, the three began playing music together, and within a year the Trio was formed.

Hundreds of shows in, and countless hours put into developing a beautiful collage of new music, the Trio comes together to create a constant “feel good” sound.

In 2010, Ehoff left the band to pursue other life passions and the Trio welcomed longtime friend Nigel Goodridge to take the drummer’s throne.