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Dance Classes and Music Therapy.

The Narcotic Anonymous Art Center in Avondale, Texas

A few words about our services: Dance Classes and Music Therapy

The Narcotic Anonymous Art Center in Avondale, Texas

Music therapy is something that we use to help people, and within that, we involve dance classes. The two are combined to share the most possible and get the help that they need. Music is supposed to soothe the savage soul, and dance is music’s cousin.

Music can affect relaxation and breathe along with calming the mind while dance can be its own language by helping through unconscious movement. Movement vocabulary means therapists can learn to speak through your dance and understand emotions you may not be able to express verbally.

First, let us start with music therapy. Someone who is a trained music therapist can really help grab the power necessary to support those in drug addiction treatment and beyond. They can make sure each person has their own specific therapy and functions. They may listen to music or create it themselves depending.

When people first start their recovery, they feel all sorts of emotions up and down the scale. So they might not have the words to express it. Music can help them process and get rid of negative feelings and then give them a way to express. It can even help with concentration or cognitive function which may have been harmed through drug use over time.

Music therapy, of course, should be for those who it can help. For some people, certain songs or music can trigger them in remembering their drug use or making them feel that they need to use drugs. This is for people who have been sober for a while.

Dancing to be used as therapy is something that has been around for quite a while. The idea of motion and emotion being connected is definitely nothing new. This type of creative expression can help someone better understand communicate and even help with relationships.

When it comes to drug treatment, well dancing can activate some of the same parts of the brain. This means it can feel pleasurable. It can help with cravings over time and to reduce them because it affects that part of the brain and also because exercise is useful at that.

It can also help relieve stress because you let out your energy and negative emotions through the dancing. If someone has used dance therapy, they are more likely to question any cravings or desires to use drugs than if they had not. This can keep people from relapsing because they don’t want to harm the body that they have worked so hard on.

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