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Art Therapy.

The Narcotic Anonymous Art Center in Avondale, Texas

A few words about our services: art therapy

The Narcotic Anonymous Art Center in Avondale, Texas

When it comes to treatment art therapy is a great way to help people who have suffered from drug addiction. Those who are addicted to drugs end up spending all their time trying to acquire drugs. They exhaust all time, energy, and money dedicating themselves to getting drugs to get high or fix that they need.

What this ultimately means is that they do not spend any time pursuing hobbies or talents. Drugs override everything else they might be doing and keep them from exercising their truest talents. Over time this can chip away at their individuality.

Drug seeking behavior not only destroys lives and relationships but even a true sense of self. You get lost in the haze of drug seeking and forget what makes you tick or brings you joy. We hope to rejuvenate the soul by offering art therapy to those who need it and might find the best help by using it.

It is an important part of recovery to relearn how to express yourself and your creativity. Art therapy is a great outlet for those who no longer know how to do this properly and who may have blocked out their thoughts and feelings for far too long.

We have therapists who may be able to interpret symbols and designs within the art and figure out what might be helpful in that person’s recovery process. They both work together as the art is created and finished to figure out what ultimately it means and what the woman is trying to say within her art that she cannot speak aloud.

Art is and has always been a very therapeutic process. It gives a chance for expression without words needing to be used which can be so important when it comes to those who have suffered from addiction.

When using art therapy, the ultimate goal is to discover what feelings are being drawn on in its creation. For many people, this tool can really change how they see themselves or relate to their minds thought processes.

We have quite a few different ways to produce art within our therapy. Everyone speaks their own art language, so it is essential to have all the tools necessary to meet the needs of people. We utilize many different forms like making collages, color therapy, clay modeling, abstract, watercolor, and even body scanning.

Come today and check out one of the art therapy sessions. Let’s find out if you have something to say that you didn’t realize before. This is a great chance to spend time doing something fun and letting out those creative juices.

We are up to date and ready to face the ingenuity of our people. There are so many ways to express yourself, and through many mediums, It is important for the therapy that the art not be judged or need to fit any rules. So come as you are and don’t worry about needing to be “good” at art, you’re still allowed to create no matter what.

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