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The Narcotic Anonymous Art Center in Avondale, Texas

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The Narcotic Anonymous Art Center in Avondale, Texas

Narcotics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women around the world who come together with one goal in mind: to spread the message of recovery to every addict. This is because every addict needs to know that recovery is in the cards for them and possible.

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Art Therapy


When it comes to treatment art therapy is a great way to help people who have suffered from drug addiction.

Dance and Music Therapy


Music therapy is something that we use to help people, and within that, we involve dance classes.


Yoga and Meditation


Yoga is meant to help quiet the mind and heal the body.


Theatre Group And Performances


Drama therapy is more than just what you think when it comes to Broadway shows and performances or local thespians.


You can have the best company you can ever imagine.

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Before Narcotics Anonymous I was a nobody. I was the addict on the street searching for his next fix you know? I didn’t know what life was without drugs. I used to be a dance teacher, can you believe it? Used to teach ballet and tap and jazz to all the cute little kids trying to figure out if it was their passion or their parents. No one would let me near kids anymore, and I can’t blame them.

– Addie

I was never one for painting or sculpting or any of that stuff. Even as a kid my doodles never went beyond stick figures. Other people drew eyes and added noses, but not me, and I liked my lines simple.

– Brandon

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We are ready to assist drug addicts in their quest for long term recovery and sobriety.

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